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Why Siin?

Siin isn’t just another marketplace; we’re a revolution in GCC live shopping. At Siin, we believe shopping should be as dynamic and engaging as real life. Who says e-commerce only should be commodified and transactional? At Siin, you can find your community and explore everything from rare collectibles to ev- eryday treasures, all with the excitement of a live shopping experience. It’s not just shopping; it’s building connections.

Our Mission

At Siin, our mission is to make live shopping easy, safe, and fun. We're tearing down the barriers between buyers and sellers, crafting an experience that’s as safe as it is thrilling. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood marketplace, but with a digital, local reach.

Our Team

Tech and business team skilled in marketplaces and video 9+ Developers, 6 go-to-market, and growing rapidly

Our Culture


As we simplify your life, the laws of our universe become simpler.

Connections Matter

Together, We aim to build communities and foster genuine connections for our audience


"no amount of thinking or training sitting by the side of the river will teach you how to swim" - Bruce Lee

Be Humble

“Humility helps me avoid being entrenched in the circle of my own truth”


We trust each other to deliver and always have the “we’ll figure it out” spirit On People For 90% of roles, an insanely hungry, ambitious and get-shit-done attitude beats logos and pedigree all day


Hear it straight from our happy sellers!


Madan Patron

Mazad Patron

a game-changer for me in online livestream selling

Mazzad Majdi

Mazad Majdi

Siin helped me reach customers in across the region I never knew I could!

Mazzad Aldana

AlDana Auction

I am a believer in digital channels and my partnership with Siin is helping skyrocket our sales

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